Angel Eye
Design Collaboration: Essajees Atelier X Bharat Floorings & Tiles

The ’Angel Eye’ collection that Essajees Atelier has designed in collaboration with Bharat Floorings & Tiles is based on the concept of the evil eye. The evil eye is an ancient motif that is a very important part of many cultures, including India, where people believe in the concept of ‘nazar’. While the collection takes inspiration from this theme, Essajees Atelier wanted to make it into something positive, which is why the collection is called ‘Angel Eye’. The idea behind this was to encourage people not to live in fear of what other people say or think. The intent behind the collection is to enable people to bring good vibes and good energy into their homes to live life on their own terms and to be able to walk on a floor that crushes all perceptions of the negative effects of ‘nazar’ in one’s life. Essentially, the collection is a highly stylised take on the evil eye flipped on its head in a variation of designs.
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Standard Size 20cmx20cm.


Flooring - 23mm - 25mm

Cladding - 16mm - 18mm


Topping - White cement, pigment, filler

Backing - Grey cement, Stone Grit/ Dust


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Actual pictures of these tiles in use

The Visualizers
The Visualizers
The Visualizers
The Visualizers
The Visualizers
The Visualizers
The Visualizers
The Visualizers


Wet Transverse Strength

Above 3N/ mm2

Abrasion Test

Below 3.5mm

Water Absorption

Below 10%

Standard Size


Some Designs Available In

10cmx10cm, 10cmx20cm, 15cmx15cm

Thickness for Flooring Tile


Thickness for Wall Cladding


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