The core values of Bharat Floorings have always been Quality, Integrity, and Service.


Our dedication to quality means that we use only the finest ingredients, blended perfectly. It means that we design our floors to last for decades, and across generations. We are not looking to short term gains, but to the larger picture of becoming a part of India’s history, and a part of your story.


Our commitment to integrity means that we make every effort to be honest with you, and to explain the features of the product honestly. In cases where mistakes have been committed (and with a range of hand-made, customised products, there are bound to be errors at times), we make every effort to rectify the error and satisfy you.


We are a small company, but proud of the level of service that we provide to you. Right from helping you design your floor, to having it manufactured, (in a process that takes many steps), to laying it on your floor. If ever our service has gone amiss, we would be very glad to hear from you in the feedback section of our website, and we will make every effort to make amends.


As you will see from our history section, the company was founded with a clear social philosophy in mind – that of Swadeshi, or economic independence for India by matching or exceeding the world’s best tiles. We are proud that we employ artisans from all parts of India, and are still making the very best handmade cement tiles possible. As we continue to see the tiles laid in landmark buildings, restaurants and residences, the feeling of having done something good for the country and for our customers grows stronger. With over 70% of our business coming from repeat customers, sometimes over generations, we are so very happy to have been a part of their lives. The people who work with us have also spanned decades in many cases, and we hope to continue this tradition.

Ninety two years of being a part of so many stories is a beautiful feeling, and that is why we do what we do.