BFT+ Designer Tiles
In our experience, quality and integrity have always been greatly complimented by imagination and innovation. Every floor that we envision and design is not just about another home, institution, or any other space floored successfully. It is about our constant search for beauty, grace, meaning, and an idea. An idea with modern sensibilities is depicted through colors and lines. In the light of our drive and inspiration, we bring you BFT+ Designer Tiles our collaboration with young and visionary designers to create art. Every Floor Tells A New Story!

BFT+ Designer Tiles That Are Making A Splash

BFT+ Designer Tiles are 100% handcrafted, and really incorporate the concept of Wabi-Sabi in them. There is no glaze layer on the surface of the tiles because these cement tiles are not fired. Their durability is derived from the combination of a finely dehydrated ground Portland cement layer and a coarser layer of sand and cement. BFT+ Designer Tiles are not printed or painted. Colored cement materials are poured into divider molds to create these patterns. 

Since the production of these tiles involves traditional processes, slight variations such as small edge splinters, color bleeding/smudging between elements of the pattern, and surface scratches are inevitable. Moreover, some tiles may have small cracks or cobweb-like structures on them. However, this is absolutely normal and is due to the chemical process followed by cement. 

 It is precisely these imperfections that give these BFT+ Designer Tiles their distinct charm and natural appeal. BFT offers you a range of 30 colors. Designer tiles at Bharat Floorings are available in a vast variety of shades which are combined and paired to create beautiful results. Every Floor Tells a Story. One can expect slight smudging during the polishing process whenever darker colors (especially black or dark blue) are used in combination with lighter colors (especially white). 

 This is because of the dark pigment being polished off and settling onto the lighter tile. This can be avoided by using a different combination of colors. Our designer can advise you on this. BFT+ Designer Tiles are handmade using mineral pigments and the pigment layer is hydraulically pressed into the surface which then becomes a part of the tile. 

 The metal mold is handmade following certain design patterns. Once the BFT+ Designer Tiles is cast by the artisan, it is cured in water for a specific period of time, and then air-dried before it is shipped. As a result, these BFT+ Designer Wall Tiles have a longer delivery period than ceramic tiles, and they have an extremely long life. The cement used in these tiles is incredibly durable which is why floors can last up to 60 to 70 years if used and maintained properly. Moreover, the BFT+ Designer Tiles can be re-polished a number of times during their life and will look as good as new each time this is done. 

 Cement floors can take a lot of wear and tear and are therefore perfect for high-traffic areas. There are Joint lines visible once the tiles are laid. These tiles are laid very close to each other. It is difficult for the grouting material to stay inside because of the fine joint lines. Some of this material may come out, leaving the joint lines to be visible. Sometimes, free lime can be seen floating to the top of the tile forming a whitish layer as a result of leftover from the curing process. 

 This feature is called efflorescence and will gradually go away with regular mopping and use of the floor. To remove it more quickly, you can purchase our soap and scrub the floor. Cement tiles have porosity similar to natural stones. They should not be used in areas where there will be spillage of oil or masalas. In bathrooms, they should ideally be used in dry areas and walls. One of the characteristics of  BFT+ Designer Tiles is that there will be dimensional variations both in thickness and right angles.

 This has to be adjusted during the laying of tiles by using cement mortar mix instead of adhesive, and also by the skill of the mason in adjusting the pattern to fit properly. If the BFT+ Designer Tiles are used outdoors, they will get a weathered appearance and the polish shall not remain the same. Ideally, these tiles should be used indoors.

The Process Of BFT+ Designer Tiles:
The pigment composition is a mixture of marble powder, high-quality white Portland cement, and natural mineral color pigments. These ingredients are then blended together carefully over a period of 3-4 hours to produce the final colors.

The colors are filled into a metal mold. The metal mold, which contains the desired pattern is handmade from specific design drawings. BFT+ Designer Tiles have slight imperfections, which give them their character and depth.

The tile is pressed using a mechanical hydraulic press. Up to 1-ton per square\inch pressure is applied, which produces a compact tile BFT+ Designer Tiles.

Once, the BFT+ Designer Tiles are removed from the mold, they are placed on a rack so that they can harden enough to be moved into a tank of water.

The BFT+ Designer Tiles are cured in water for several days, and not touched, during which they undergo a hydrolysis process and harden into strong concrete.

Once the BFT+ Designer Tiles are removed from the tank, they are allowed to further cure in the air, until they are fully ready to be shipped.

Make your Place Look Elegant With Handcrafted Designer Tiles
People wish to use designer brands these days, from bags to shoes to clothes to furniture, so why not use designer tiles too. BFT+ Designer Tiles are the perfect choice if you want to spice up your space and make it look trendy and contemporary. These tiles are available in a vast variety of designs, from geometrical to floral and conceptual. BFT+ Designer Tiles are one of a kind as they can give an astonishing look to any place at a very affordable price.

Avoid using harsh chemicals, phenyl, etc. Just plain water should be used, and most importantly, the water should be changed often during the mopping process. This will keep the BFT+ Designer Tiles clean and indeed, will ensure your tiles gleam more and moreover the years. If you like, you can buy our soap solution and use a small capful in each bucket of water. A small bottle should last you a long time.

BFT tiles come in a vast range of patterns and designs, giving you multiple options to choose the right designer tile. You can use these tiles according to the theme of your room and can make your place the most classy and attractive space ever. Always have your floor installed by our certified contractor, Gaaia Contractors as they would know all the steps to be taken to produce an outstanding floor. Getting the designer tiles laid by a non-certified contractor will ruin the tiles. We shall not take any responsibility for tiles fixed by a non-certified contractor. To get that stylish and classy look for your space, you need to get BFT+ Designer Tiles.

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Wet Transverse Strength

Above 3N/ mm2

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Below 3.5mm

Water Absorption

Below 10%

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10cmx10cm, 10cmx20cm, 15cmx15cm

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