Dilnavaz Variava (Chairperson)

As Chairperson of the Bharat Floorings Group, Dilnavaz Variava was the driving force of the company’s strategic direction and focus from the 1990s till recently. She continues as a non-executive Chairperson. Being the second generation to run the company in it’s over 90 year’s history; Dilnavaz has unique knowledge of the history of floorings in India. Prior to taking over her role as Chairperson at Bharat Floorings, Dilnavaz was CEO of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) India and has served on many Govt committees on issues of environment and agriculture. She also served for many years on the Board of Grindwell Norton Ltd.

Firdaus Variava (Vice Chairman)

Firdaus Variava, a B.Com and LLB graduate from Mumbai, pursued an MBA in the USA before working briefly in Singapore and India. He joined BFT as Director of Sales & Marketing and Business Development, and was later designated Vice Chairman in 2015, with overall responsibility for the Company’s growth. Under his leadership, BFT has become a well-known brand, loved not only for its quality commitment but also for its constant innovation and the warmth of its customer relationships. Firdaus’ contributions to the company have been instrumental in driving new designs, products, factory innovations, and brand building.

Faiyaz Mukhtiar (CEO)

Faiyaz, a Chartered Accountant has over 25 years of experience with the Bharat Floorings Group of which the last 10 years have been in Operations Management. He is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Group companies. He has been at the forefront of Bharat Floorings growth into new territories as well as ensuring Bharat’s reputation for providing quality products and services. Before he took up the position of CEO, Faiyaz was the executive director and was also responsible for the finance functions of the Group.