Premium Terrazzo Range
Terrazzo is one of the most popular, attractive and versatile tiling options available. Made by mixing marble, granite, quartz, or glass chips into a cement binder, Terrazzo is subtly elegant, cost effective and tough. The Premium Terrazzo range contains some beautiful and expensive material such as Crème Italian Marble, Verona Red, and Classic White chips. The Premium Terrazzo range is created especially for those who are looking for something exclusive.

High quality Bharat Terrazzo can achieve a look as stunning as the finest stone, in a range of colours and effects that stone can never achieve. This can be done at prices that provide real value, given the long life of Bharat’s Terrazzo floors. The quality and proportion of ingredients and the rigour of the manufacturing process set Bharat’s Terrazzo tiles in a class of their own. Customers testify that they grow more beautiful with age.

Bharat’s Terrazzo due to its beauty and versatility is all the rage with discerning architects and designers from India and abroad. If you can visualise it, we will help you actualise it!
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20cmx20cm, 25cmx25cm, 30cmx30cm, 40cmx40cm, 30cmx60cm


Topping - White or grey cement, pigment, filler, marble, stone and glass chips

Backing - Grey cement, Stone grit/ Dust


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Wet Transverse Strength

Above 3N/ mm2

Abrasion Test

Below 3.00 mm

Water Absorption

Below 10%

Standard Size

20cmx20cm, 25cmx25cm, 30cmx30cm, 40cmx40cm, 30cmx60cm

Thickness for Flooring Tile


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