STILAN® Defining Heavy Duty

Stilan – a heavy duty tile, with ingredients next to diamonds in hardness, have taken millions of footfalls at CST and Flora Fountain.

Bombay Central Station commissioned in 1930, was the pride and joy of the Indian Railways and the entire country. Bharat Tiles, which were used for the flooring, were at the inauguration and mentioned in the marble plaque at its entrance.

Even today, Bharat’s STILAN® tiles are used on many Central Railway and Western Railway platforms as well as the Mumbai Metro. Millions of commuters have unknowingly walked over Bharat’s Stilan® Non Slip tiles at ChhatrapatiShivaji Terminus in Mumbai for over 15 years – a silent testimony to their unmatched strength and beauty.

Way before it became a high end mall, Phoenix Mills, like most of Bombay’s textile mills, used STILAN® Heavy Duty Tiles for its shop floors. They soon found their way into the factories, warehouses and compounds of Hindustan Lever, TELCO, Jindal, Raymonds, and many others.


Heritage Renaissance

Rediscovering its original moulds and catalogues, Bharat’s Heritage™ range was re-launched.

In 1999, the Kala Ghoda Arts festival was held for the first time with the aim of making Kala Ghoda the art district of Mumbai and preserving its rich architectural heritage. Bharat’s Heritage™ tiles were relaunched at a special exhibition at the first Kala Ghoda festival. Dusting off its original moulds from the 1920s, Bharat Floorings & Tiles revived its original processes to once again make the beautiful floor art that had once marked India’s most cherished buildings.


Heritage Conservation

Architects were delighted. Bharat’s Heritage™ Tiles are part of the Heritage Gallery & Interpretation Centre at CST Mumbai.Bharat also became part of landmark restorations: the Cathedral & John Connon School, the Salar Jung Museum and Mumbai’s oldest museum, the BhauDaji Lad Museum. Iconic buildings everywhere are being restored by India’s leading architects relying on Bharat’s Heritage™ tiles and flooring experience. The icing on the cake, for Bharat, is being part of several awards from UNESCO for Cultural Heritage Conservation.


Reviving ‘In Situ’ Floors

A skill for which Bharat was once famous, is being taught to new craftsmenfor restoring old floorsand creating new ones.